Welcome to the Powerplay of Music!

By Joshua Webb

The “powerplay” in sport is a big moment of time when a team is down a player or players and the other team is trying capitalise on that. It can instead be a period of a game when points are doubled. In 2003 when making beats with a friend I decided that this would be a great name to use, but instead relate to the music being created. Playing the power of music gives an advantage, it gives you double points in life! Well that’s the idea anyway. Music is a powerful tool when used well and I am here to play that. Welcome to the powerplay of music!

For a period of time I worked on producing music for emerging hip hop artists in Auckland, New Zealand, so that was the birth of ‘Powerplay Productions’. In recent years I have shifted the focus to releasing songs I had written under my name for young people and ‘Hey DUBY’ for the kids. I have worked with other producers to create a variety of songs. The most prominent producer has been the pro Emmanuel Ensink, who has the ability to create great sounding music in any genre with ridiculous ease! He can even play a mean electric guitar on his keyboard!

Powerplay Productions embraces the spirit of independent music. It acts as a record label for music from Joshua Webb with DRM/Believe Music as the digital distributor. The goal is for it to grow to be so much more and be a platform for other gifted creators of music.

In the studio in Otara, Auckland with Emmanel Ensink and Joseph Paulo in 2020

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