Events History

The ‘Work For Charity’ Hip Hop Event

This was the first event Joshua Webb organised under the name ‘Powerplay Productions’. This event took place on March 19 2009 at Botany Town Centre in East Auckland, New Zealand. Joshua teamed up with Francis Smith who was the DJ for hip hop act Smashproof at the time who were number 1 on the New Zealand Singles Chart with their song ‘Brother’. Both Joshua and Francis used their artist nicknames, J-DUB and DJ Taktix.

Francis came up with the idea of a charity gig to support a family from South Auckland that lost four children in a house fire. It was an opportunity for the hip hop community to show they care about their people and raise some money to support the family get back on their feet. This three hour show saw a great number of people come to support the cause and be entertained by a great line up of acts. Around $1500 was raised and given to the family. It was the biggest hip hop event to be held in East Auckland.

Joshua Webb’s 2010 City Cafe/Bar Gigs

Powerplay Productions duo Joshua Webb and Joey Paulo organised a short series of gigs based in Auckland City in March-April of 2010. They moved away from the South Auckland scene and linked up with two other great performers St. Janera and Meryl Cassie. Before their second gig at the Roasted Addiqtion Cafe in Kingsland (close to Eden Park) they were part of the Kingsland Festival (video below) which helped promote it. The cafe was packed that night and the highlight was the audience singing along to songs like J-DUB’s cover of ‘Play That Funky Music’. Joey took over the DJ role to play crowd favourites rather than drum ‘n’ bass music like the guest DJ did the weekend before. The following month saw the same artists perform at the Khuja Lounge Bar on the corner of K’ Rd and Queen Street in the Central City. This time J-DUB also played the role of DJ (around his set). This would be the last show of its kind as J-DUB decided to take a break to focus on creating a children’s music group which was originally known as ‘J-DUB & Friends’ but later became ‘Hey DUBY’.

Powerplay Artists at Parachute

Unlike the other events featured here on this website, this one wasn’t organised by Powerplay Productions but they did send artists there and make an impact. The Parachute Music Festival was held annually at Mystery Creek Events Centre close to Hamilton, New Zealand. A big line up of international and local artists were selected to perform on various stages over three days in front of audiences from the 20-25,000 people that were on site. Joshua Webb was invited to perform in 2008. Joey Paulo joined him as well as two singers and a dance group to perform on the hip hop stage known as ‘Massive’ (video highlights below). He returned the following year but this time with a completely different line up, a live band all who lived over the North Shore of Auckland. On both occasions the audiences enjoyed the half hour sets, with a bigger number of people there to watch in 2009 at the same stage.

Joshua and Joey returned to perform at the Festival in 2011. Joshua had spent much of the second half of 2010 recording a children’s album and got a group together. This was their first ever show going by the name of ‘J-DUB & Friends’ and entertaining children from 5-10 years of age. Joshua met brand designer Aaron Hall who was also a DJ. He became the group’s DJ for the show and would later help Joshua create the brand. The show was a hit and they spent a lot of time afterwards signing autographs. After that the crew changed clothes and went to the Massive Stage to perform the song ‘J-DUB (On Ya System)’ which was very well received. Joey (going by the stage name of ‘Switch Man’) was also an MC and performer at that stage in collaboration with a different artist.The festival (no longer running) saw them rub shoulders with a lot of great artists and make many new fans.

Hey DUBY’s Botany Show

Powerplay Productions had created a brand name and image for it’s children’s music group with Aaron Hall of Surge Communications. Their first public performance as ‘Hey DUBY’ was staged at the same venue of the ‘Work for Charity’ Hip Hop event in 2009, the Botany Town Centre (shopping complex) in 2012. Joshua Webb (who would perform as ‘DUBY’) promoted the event with posters put up in the local schools and childcare centres (the shopping centre also displayed posters). A expectant audience of children turned out and enjoyed the show and opportunities to participate in competitions to win CD’s and posters.