Hey DUBY is an animated children’s entertainment group which began in Auckland, New Zealand in 2010 as a performance group. After hitting some roadblocks and being unable to establish themselves, the group went their separate ways.

Joshua Webb, the founder of the group that played DUBY, spent time in Australia and China to pursue teaching opportunities. In 2017 he got in contact with Joe Paulo who created the Switch Man character, and they discussed a comeback as an animated group. Joshua saved money from his teaching work and sorted after animators and illustrators on freelancing sites to relaunch the brand which had shown so much potential but hadn’t quite found its feet.

Finally getting the right people involved in the brand, the early signs are that the sacrifices Joshua and Joe have made will be rewarding, not just for them but for children and their parents. They have fun music to share that tells stories and educates children. They also have teamed up with children’s actor and writer Tom Rimmer to create stories that will feature in the future as well.

Their first music video ‘Duby Time’ was released on November 18, 2017, and a cover of ‘Feliz Navidad’ seven days later. Videos for ‘Freight Train’ and ‘Flat Cat’ followed. Then came ‘I Can Count’ and ‘Good Morning’ which both have featured on television in New Zealand. Videos have been updated since with a new design of the lead characters. In 2020 they recorded a couple of new songs and remixes. A series of lyric videos, e-books and activities are also available from their website. We are excited about what the future holds for Hey DUBY.

Please visit the official Hey DUBY website: www.dubytime.com